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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The travels of LoLo!

WOW! Holy Hell!
Don't mean to offend anyone at all, but where has time gone? Life has just sped by!
Lolo's has seen a lot change in the last couple of years, not only in our own personal lives but the lives of many of you. The amazing personal growth and business growth has been astounding and we are honored and humbled.

Today I visited the Mes Amis Antique show in Roseville, Ca and reconnected with old friends and made a handful of some new. Something I always enjoy. The economy has been rough on many of our fellow friends and vendors and I cheer those who are still out there making a go of it. My fellow friends you rock and I salute you! Here are some pictures of the show as we plan to come back to the circuit and show next fall!

One of our all time favorite vendors is Aimee from Antique Gardener! I can guarantee I always find something that just makes me swoon! See the turkey feeder below? Yes, it just had to be mine! Loaded in the bed of my truck, thank you to a sweet man,,,oh my man,,,,that helped carry it.
Let's just say awkward!

More from Aimee in Sutter Creek!

But more importantly! Last but far from least! A lady that was instrumental in helping us spread our fledgling wings was Sandy of Olive and Rose then, Tattered House, who saw our potential, believed in us and spurred us on! Thank you Sandy for your encouragement, prayers and positive words! We will always be grateful!

We wish all the families in the industry best wishes in following their dreams. We understand the hardships that are endured and the tough decisions that are involved in staying in or getting out. No matter the decision......know that we are all a kindred spirit and that love and support flows. Good luck as you follow your dreams!

Sheila and Laurie
LoLo's Chateau

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