Monday, April 25, 2011

Where have we been?

I have to apologize for being remiss in my blogging. LoLo's has been traveling back and forth from SoCal to Norcal the last few months and we are just now catching our breath. We joined the The Tattered House team, and now share a room within the house. We also participated in the Roseville Antique Street Faire this month, that is put on by the Tattered House. Joining the shop one month before the street faire had us scrambling just a bit and all of the goodies we had planned to put in our booth would now go into the shop. As you can imagine we wondered what we would do to bring our booth back to the Awesomeness we had envisioned. It all came together and we felt good about how we presented ourselves as the "newbies" to the street and the shop. Here are some photos we would like to share with you on the days leading up to and after. Enjoy!

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