Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sign Painting Fun

What fun Laurie and I had today at the Urban Barn, in Robin's sign painting class. A big Thank you to Linda for hosting such yummy treats and a place for new skills to be learned. We had a blast with Robin, from "Vintage Beach Cottage". Her teaching style and in my case patience for my "primitive" painting skills deserve her much praise. I felt like a little kid in school again! I got to bring home a finished product!

Amber, Rose, Laurie and Cheryl putting their new skills to work.

Laurie and Robin getting ready to sand their signs.

Amber, from Black Rooster Cottage was a serious sander!

Our finished products! Great Ladies and great fun!
from left to right
Robin,"Vintage Beach Cottage"
Amber, "Black Rooster Cottage"
Rose,'The Tarnished Crown"
Sheila, 'Lolo's Chateau'
Cheryl, "The Art of Nothing"

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Finds and Creations

We two girls have had a fabulous weekend junkin' and looking for those things chippy and rusted! It's in our blood. We know that we do not have to explain the "eye" we have for "another man's trash". Our sister junkers understand; the creative daze that comes over you when you are trying to decide what you are going to do with those old gas cans, the rusted bed springs, books, coffee tables and dressers. The excitement that comes over you when you see a pick-up truck drive by with a bed full of unrecognizable rusty stuff, whipping your vehicle around and chasing him down as fast as you can for that chance to pick through his treasures before they end up in the landfill, We always love the look we get and the infamous question........."What are you girls going to do with that?" We don't always know what we are going to do with that wonderful piece of whatever is, all we know is that we love it, and it has a future life as an archetechetural piece, or a funky collectable we talk about over a glass of wine. The bottomline is, it makes our heart's sing!

As we gear up for the Rose Bowl which is every month on the second Sunday, we will be posting more photos and look forward to seeing you there. We will be in spaces 3063-3064, (this is the back side, the front side does have a space big enough for us), please come by and introduce yourself, we can't wait to meet you.

A big Thank you in advance, to our men who support our vision and are the brains and brawn behind helping getting the trailor loaded and unloaded. A feat in and of itself!

Sheila and Laurie

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend shopping the "Urban Barn" Flea Market. Linda, Mary and the girls are hysterical. Still wondering if the "fringe" found it's rightful owner and place. If you were not able to attend, it is an absolute must next month. Thank you ladies for a great day, the encouragement you gave us in our  business endeavor and we will definitely see you soon.

Sheila and Laurie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh the Excitement!

Have you ever been filled with so many idea's and excitement that you just thought you would explode? That is how Laurie and I are feeling after a day of picking in our own neighborhoods. We were finally able to explore the inside of a shop that is rarely open, their sign literally states, "open when we feel like it." Imagine,,,,and I'm sure many of you can, the smoke billowing off of my truck tires as we zipped across lanes of traffic, dashed around the nearest corner, making an illegal U-turn, all to turn around and get back to that shop, that shop that for some reason "felt like being open today!" I cannot speak for Laurie but I am sure that I heard the heaven's open and angels sing! We spent hours looking through books, bins and containers! There was so much stuff inside this 1920's building, we truly felt as if we were missing undiscovered treasures. One amazing find was a rubber tub filled with rotting leaves, old soda cans, spiders and OHHH, glass crystals! It was the deal of all deals! So far we have well over 100 crystals and still counting! We will update you on the final count when we get them all washed.



We look forward to sharing some of our creations with you and are always inspired by the ladies that share with us their excitement of excursions and adventures in hunting for treasures, as well as the new life they bring to those finds!