Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh the Excitement!

Have you ever been filled with so many idea's and excitement that you just thought you would explode? That is how Laurie and I are feeling after a day of picking in our own neighborhoods. We were finally able to explore the inside of a shop that is rarely open, their sign literally states, "open when we feel like it." Imagine,,,,and I'm sure many of you can, the smoke billowing off of my truck tires as we zipped across lanes of traffic, dashed around the nearest corner, making an illegal U-turn, all to turn around and get back to that shop, that shop that for some reason "felt like being open today!" I cannot speak for Laurie but I am sure that I heard the heaven's open and angels sing! We spent hours looking through books, bins and containers! There was so much stuff inside this 1920's building, we truly felt as if we were missing undiscovered treasures. One amazing find was a rubber tub filled with rotting leaves, old soda cans, spiders and OHHH, glass crystals! It was the deal of all deals! So far we have well over 100 crystals and still counting! We will update you on the final count when we get them all washed.



We look forward to sharing some of our creations with you and are always inspired by the ladies that share with us their excitement of excursions and adventures in hunting for treasures, as well as the new life they bring to those finds!

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