Monday, December 13, 2010


Merry Christmas to Everyone!

How is everyone doing? Laurie and I hope that everyone is feeling the love of family and friends! We hope that your home is filled with the smells of home baked goodies and the stresses of the outside world are far from the thresholds of your entryway! Better yet, we hope that the worries of finances and stress are left outside to catch their "death" of cold. We hope New Year glories fill your every nook and cranny and the bounty of all that is good far surpasses your wildest dreams!

We are finishing up this year with a few last shows! It has been such fun meeting so many of you and establishing lasting friendships. Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves and being a wonderful part of our success. We can't wait to see so many of you in the shows to come in the New Year, until then...........
                                       Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful and Blessed

As we near the day of Thanksgiving, we are once again reminded of how wonderfully blessed we are. The list becomes endless when I sit and put pen to paper, as a physical reminder of anything and everything that has given me reason to stop and reflect. I am THANKFUL! Life has not been simple and it has not been kind at times, but it is those times that have magnified the good. Laurie and I have looked back only to see how far we have come, not only as women, mother and daughter, but as partners'. We are thankful to the two men in our lives that spur us on in following our dreams, who put no limits or restrictions on our piles of rust that "will" become something beautiful. These two don't always see what we see in a piece of "what is that?", but are thrilled and sometimes very surprised with the outcome. As we travel on our "junkin" sprees, they have claimed a few treasures of their own along the way to contribute and support our business venture, we call this branch of the business, "BoonePoo". We will have to show you the "horse" and "hog" that have been refurbished specifically for the next flea market. Big Thanks to BoonePoo for keeping us laughing and being the support that we need behind the scenes. Behind every good woman is a wonderful man!

We here at Lolo's Chateau and "BoonePoo" are wishing you Thankful Days ahead and a life full of blessings.

Sheila & Laurie

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Space

We are thrilled to announce we now have a permanent spot in the orange section of the Rose Bowl! It is located on a corner,,,,,,excitement! (FFO2) We will be so much easier to find now! We also will no longer be the only "Shabby" White in the middle of the vintage clothing and yard sale finds! Weeeeee!
Thank you Kathee and Dustin, (Chateau et Jardin)  for always making an effort these last few months to come visit, encourage and show support! P.S. Thank you for the refreshing beverage, it came at the perfect time.

Here are just a few of our rusty, chippy, finds that flew out the booth yesterday! We had a lot of little things that were taking up precious space that needed to go, so we had a blow out sale, so to speak. It was nice to see so many of those things find new homes and new purpose. I think we all have a pile of these types of finds somewhere around our home, garage or workshop, so for us it has been fun but as the saying goes,,,,,
                                                                 it had to go.

These ornaments are our labor of love. They are made of vintage music sheets and vintage scrabble tiles
We had old philharmonic music books that we found at a thrift store, dated 1938 and 1948 scrabble tiles. As we sat and looked at our new beloved finds we were faced with what purpose they would now find. This was our final decision, though labor intensive we are proud of the way they turned out.
These are now being sold in two separate locations in SoCal. Enjoy!

Best wishes to you who choose to do what you love!
Sheila & Laurie

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ventura Flea Market

It is with bittersweet gladness that this beautiful girl was sold at the Ventura Flea Market. She was just decadent!
She was one of those finds that you just have to have but know you can't keep.She was 8' X 4' and I had many a plan for her, I could envision her on a wall in the kitchen, in a family room, even on the outside patio near the BBQ, but for all the wonderful places I could see her, I could hear a small muddled voice in my ear, "Dont be a hoarder"! Yes it was the sweet voice of my partner and daughter, Laurie. My small cottage on the mountain had no room for her and she would yet be one more thing to be put in storage. She would have been one more thing that would have been architecturally designed into the future build, so for now she has a wonderful home and is loved. O.K. all of this positive self talk is like nails on a chalkboard! I miss her! Whaaaaa. sniff, tissue please.

All kidding aside we enjoyed our market and met more amazing women. We were greeted with open arms by countless vendors who encouraged us to come back and sell again. We came home with only a 1/4 of what we went with so loading the truck back up seemed less a chore. It was a long day, 18 hours to be exact, 6 of that on the road, but we will do it again and again we had so much fun.

Look for us this weekend at the Rose Bowl in the White section. If you cross the bridge over the wash and keep to your immediate right and follow the path almost to the K exit you will see us in spot 3063. We will have more toolboxes, rust, ornaments, trays and things of interest. Can't wait to see you there!

Sheila and Laurie

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back Home

I am back home after being gone a week. Moved my man and the love of my life up to Northern Ca. for a job. In these economic times we are thankful for the job and the opportunity.It looks like this job will have him for over a year.It is a bittersweet move for Laurie and I, one of our main helpers, do it all, supporters is now gone! What are we to do? Start working out and building up those arms is what I need to do, sigh!

Nonetheless, while I was gone, Laurie was left here back at home to hold down the fort, and work on all of our projects. She has created some great Christmas ornaments, added her touch of glam to others, all while trying to recover a horrible head cold. It was tough not having her with me as I scouted out new territory for junkin'. Sending pictures never seems to be the same. You know the feeling? When your best girlfriend calls to tell you about all the wonderful places and people she has been and met? You are excited, but at the same time, just wish you could be there too! That is what we both felt! Spending hours on the phone keeping each other up to date with what the other was doing and accomplishing. Wanting to share every detail. Well, you get it.

While in NorCal, I managed to sneak in some great junking and one of the best and most successful days was a day shared with the girls from The Tattered House in Roseville.

Ericka and Sandy shared their morning with me and some of their favorite spots to pick. We all had an eye for different things and some of the same. I learned a few new tips as well as shared a few of my own. We had an absolutely wonderful time and laughter was our therapy that morning! 

Sandy is hysterical! She found a tool that she was proud to call the "ball buster", (her excitement over this new found tool was a little scary) and then as you look closer, the box at her feet was an old wooden poison box, there was a possible theme going here. Appropriate measures were taken to make sure no innocent bystanders were hurt.

We made a trip back to the truck to unload our cart and went back in for more. It doesn't look like we should have unloaded yet, but that metal tool box on top is handmade and weighed about 35 pounds! The wheels on the cart were wanting to give way. Don't you just love the mirror? It had been buried for years in an old barn, according to the seller, I just can't wait to clean it up and reveal its glory.

Love this sign!

This is Jim! He has a love for all things wonderful! Look for him and his booth at the April 2011, Roseville Antique Show. He is sure to have treasures we all will love and cannot live without! A true gentleman and a pleasure to have met. See you soon Jim!

I found this child's school desk that of course I just fell in love with and had to had. As well as a bundle of other treasures. Here are just a few finds,

Looking forward to getting all of our finds cleaned up and ready for the shows, holidays and displays.
We look forward to seeing all of you in the near future and can't wait to see what beautiful things you are creating, designing, building and repurposing.
Until then, Wishing you all the best,
Sheila and Laurie

Monday, October 11, 2010

One HOT Day!

Wow! It was one HOT Day!
But the heat of the day
did not stop the loyal shoppers for sure!

We, as always had a great time and met some amazing people.
Some of those who stopped and shopped our booth, were dealers
that had started where we are today and offered their words of ENCOURAGEMENT.
They shared upcoming shows they thought we would love to be involved in, 
as well as stories of past shows they had done and what great times
they all had. Some shared of the opening of their new stores, new booths and
and new ideas. It is exciting to see the joy in the eyes of a woman doing what SHE LOVES. 
That passion is contagious!

Upcoming Events:
Laurie and I will heading to future shows and flea markets:
We will keep you posted, as we are continually adding more!
November 7th, Ventura Flea Market
November 14th, Rose Bowl
April 2011, Roseville Antique and Flea Market
Sponsored by "The Tattered House"

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let the creative juices flow! We are finding that idea's seem to come
from out of the blue. We love the time we get to create together as a Mother
and Daughter team, as well feel blessed every day to be able to share this dream.

This is to encourage so many of the ladies who are preparing for big shows!
Laurie and I wish you great success and look forward to being involved
in future shows! Thank you in advance for the invites.

Look for us in the Spring at "The Roseville Antiques Market"
hosted by Ericka and Sandy from The Tattered House.

Sheila and Laurie

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Farmers Market Success

We had a great Farmers Market! 
Here Bryan and Laurie feel a sense of pride as we all got our shade up in 
record time. We prepared ourselves for record heat in San Diego and were not
disappointed. The day produced 108 degree heat.

Our visitor Matt Askins, from MOR furniture loved the desk!
But was really looking for a vintage tricycle!
Thank you for the visit Matt.
I think we have that tricycle connection you are looking for.

Free Samples!
Richard and Susan of "Mooks & Pops" free sampled us to the point of no return.
We felt like we were at a family reunion with these two. Their baked
goods were absolutely the best and they are truly passionate about their product.
Rightly so,
Let me just say, "Lemon Bars"!

We met some amazing people and look forward to reconnecting at future venues. A special Thank you
to Miss Bev, who organizes countless markets and takes great care of all of her vendors.

Until next time, Sheila and Laurie

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come and sit with us a spell. We would love to hear about your latest projects and what inspires you.
So many ladies are gearing up for flea markets and shows. The air is full of anticipation and excitement
as so many of our friends are packing their trunks, trucks and trailers.
 LoLo's Chateau wishes all safe travels and successful presentations. 
We await your posts and pictures upon your safe return!

We too, are preparing for Flea markets, Farmers Markets and shows! As time allows we
will share with you and post pictures of our finds and projects in the making.

Until then,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Happy and Safe travels.

Sheila and Laurie

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Rose Bowl Debut

  • We had an amazing time at the Rose Bowl and truly walked away feeling like we had performed a smash hit! Thanks to all who stopped by and shopped us, as well as gave us wonderful feedback. We look forward to seeing you again next month. 
  • -Sheila and Laurie

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sign Painting Fun

What fun Laurie and I had today at the Urban Barn, in Robin's sign painting class. A big Thank you to Linda for hosting such yummy treats and a place for new skills to be learned. We had a blast with Robin, from "Vintage Beach Cottage". Her teaching style and in my case patience for my "primitive" painting skills deserve her much praise. I felt like a little kid in school again! I got to bring home a finished product!

Amber, Rose, Laurie and Cheryl putting their new skills to work.

Laurie and Robin getting ready to sand their signs.

Amber, from Black Rooster Cottage was a serious sander!

Our finished products! Great Ladies and great fun!
from left to right
Robin,"Vintage Beach Cottage"
Amber, "Black Rooster Cottage"
Rose,'The Tarnished Crown"
Sheila, 'Lolo's Chateau'
Cheryl, "The Art of Nothing"

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Finds and Creations

We two girls have had a fabulous weekend junkin' and looking for those things chippy and rusted! It's in our blood. We know that we do not have to explain the "eye" we have for "another man's trash". Our sister junkers understand; the creative daze that comes over you when you are trying to decide what you are going to do with those old gas cans, the rusted bed springs, books, coffee tables and dressers. The excitement that comes over you when you see a pick-up truck drive by with a bed full of unrecognizable rusty stuff, whipping your vehicle around and chasing him down as fast as you can for that chance to pick through his treasures before they end up in the landfill, We always love the look we get and the infamous question........."What are you girls going to do with that?" We don't always know what we are going to do with that wonderful piece of whatever is, all we know is that we love it, and it has a future life as an archetechetural piece, or a funky collectable we talk about over a glass of wine. The bottomline is, it makes our heart's sing!

As we gear up for the Rose Bowl which is every month on the second Sunday, we will be posting more photos and look forward to seeing you there. We will be in spaces 3063-3064, (this is the back side, the front side does have a space big enough for us), please come by and introduce yourself, we can't wait to meet you.

A big Thank you in advance, to our men who support our vision and are the brains and brawn behind helping getting the trailor loaded and unloaded. A feat in and of itself!

Sheila and Laurie