Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ventura Flea Market

It is with bittersweet gladness that this beautiful girl was sold at the Ventura Flea Market. She was just decadent!
She was one of those finds that you just have to have but know you can't keep.She was 8' X 4' and I had many a plan for her, I could envision her on a wall in the kitchen, in a family room, even on the outside patio near the BBQ, but for all the wonderful places I could see her, I could hear a small muddled voice in my ear, "Dont be a hoarder"! Yes it was the sweet voice of my partner and daughter, Laurie. My small cottage on the mountain had no room for her and she would yet be one more thing to be put in storage. She would have been one more thing that would have been architecturally designed into the future build, so for now she has a wonderful home and is loved. O.K. all of this positive self talk is like nails on a chalkboard! I miss her! Whaaaaa. sniff, tissue please.

All kidding aside we enjoyed our market and met more amazing women. We were greeted with open arms by countless vendors who encouraged us to come back and sell again. We came home with only a 1/4 of what we went with so loading the truck back up seemed less a chore. It was a long day, 18 hours to be exact, 6 of that on the road, but we will do it again and again we had so much fun.

Look for us this weekend at the Rose Bowl in the White section. If you cross the bridge over the wash and keep to your immediate right and follow the path almost to the K exit you will see us in spot 3063. We will have more toolboxes, rust, ornaments, trays and things of interest. Can't wait to see you there!

Sheila and Laurie

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