Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back Home

I am back home after being gone a week. Moved my man and the love of my life up to Northern Ca. for a job. In these economic times we are thankful for the job and the opportunity.It looks like this job will have him for over a year.It is a bittersweet move for Laurie and I, one of our main helpers, do it all, supporters is now gone! What are we to do? Start working out and building up those arms is what I need to do, sigh!

Nonetheless, while I was gone, Laurie was left here back at home to hold down the fort, and work on all of our projects. She has created some great Christmas ornaments, added her touch of glam to others, all while trying to recover a horrible head cold. It was tough not having her with me as I scouted out new territory for junkin'. Sending pictures never seems to be the same. You know the feeling? When your best girlfriend calls to tell you about all the wonderful places and people she has been and met? You are excited, but at the same time, just wish you could be there too! That is what we both felt! Spending hours on the phone keeping each other up to date with what the other was doing and accomplishing. Wanting to share every detail. Well, you get it.

While in NorCal, I managed to sneak in some great junking and one of the best and most successful days was a day shared with the girls from The Tattered House in Roseville.

Ericka and Sandy shared their morning with me and some of their favorite spots to pick. We all had an eye for different things and some of the same. I learned a few new tips as well as shared a few of my own. We had an absolutely wonderful time and laughter was our therapy that morning! 

Sandy is hysterical! She found a tool that she was proud to call the "ball buster", (her excitement over this new found tool was a little scary) and then as you look closer, the box at her feet was an old wooden poison box, there was a possible theme going here. Appropriate measures were taken to make sure no innocent bystanders were hurt.

We made a trip back to the truck to unload our cart and went back in for more. It doesn't look like we should have unloaded yet, but that metal tool box on top is handmade and weighed about 35 pounds! The wheels on the cart were wanting to give way. Don't you just love the mirror? It had been buried for years in an old barn, according to the seller, I just can't wait to clean it up and reveal its glory.

Love this sign!

This is Jim! He has a love for all things wonderful! Look for him and his booth at the April 2011, Roseville Antique Show. He is sure to have treasures we all will love and cannot live without! A true gentleman and a pleasure to have met. See you soon Jim!

I found this child's school desk that of course I just fell in love with and had to had. As well as a bundle of other treasures. Here are just a few finds,

Looking forward to getting all of our finds cleaned up and ready for the shows, holidays and displays.
We look forward to seeing all of you in the near future and can't wait to see what beautiful things you are creating, designing, building and repurposing.
Until then, Wishing you all the best,
Sheila and Laurie

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