Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful and Blessed

As we near the day of Thanksgiving, we are once again reminded of how wonderfully blessed we are. The list becomes endless when I sit and put pen to paper, as a physical reminder of anything and everything that has given me reason to stop and reflect. I am THANKFUL! Life has not been simple and it has not been kind at times, but it is those times that have magnified the good. Laurie and I have looked back only to see how far we have come, not only as women, mother and daughter, but as partners'. We are thankful to the two men in our lives that spur us on in following our dreams, who put no limits or restrictions on our piles of rust that "will" become something beautiful. These two don't always see what we see in a piece of "what is that?", but are thrilled and sometimes very surprised with the outcome. As we travel on our "junkin" sprees, they have claimed a few treasures of their own along the way to contribute and support our business venture, we call this branch of the business, "BoonePoo". We will have to show you the "horse" and "hog" that have been refurbished specifically for the next flea market. Big Thanks to BoonePoo for keeping us laughing and being the support that we need behind the scenes. Behind every good woman is a wonderful man!

We here at Lolo's Chateau and "BoonePoo" are wishing you Thankful Days ahead and a life full of blessings.

Sheila & Laurie

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  1. What a great post I too have a lot to be Thankfull for. Thanks for sharing this.....Tallulah's